EarthPositive achieves Detox To Zero

We are one of the first brands in the world to meet the strictest environmental criteria of the Greenpeace DETOX Campaign.

The EarthPositive supply chain has passed the Detox To Zero audit, and the products have become compliant with the Greenpeace Textile Procurement Standard. We are the second in the world, and first outside Europe supplier to be approved under the strict standard.

The standard focuses on the chemical inputs and outputs throughout the supply chain, requiring the completion of extensive laboratory testing of the wastewater and sludge in our zero-discharge wet processing plant in India, ensuring conformity in accordance with the DETOX TO ZERO Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL).

The textile industry is the second largest polluter of fresh water worldwide.

Up to 3500 chemical substances are used to turn raw materials into textiles. Approximately 10 percent of these are hazardous to human health or the environment.


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